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Contract #

Due Date 

Contract Title

RFQ 602-01


AE Services Quitman & Fitch Hawthorn RAD Conversion

Addendum 1

 Addendum 2


RFQ JCGen-12 


(bid period closed)

Lawn-Care Services Various Vacant Lots 


RFQ 20-01



Co-Developer Services 


Addendum 1: Co Developer Services - Due Date Extended- Bids Due April 24

  RFP 19-04


Affordable Housing Compliance Consultant

 RFQ 510-01


Wilkinson Hi-Rise: Replacement of 40 PTAC Units 

Addendum 1: Scope Clarification and Bid Deadline Extended until April 30, 2020

 RFQ 571-01


 Park Manor Hi-Rise: Chiller Repair

Addendum 1: Bid Deadline Extended until April 30, 2020



Coming Soon:

Metropolitan Hi-Rise: Exterior Light Replacement



 Coming Soon:

A/E Services: Wayne Meadows, Fisher, Misty Lane RAD Conversion



 Coming Soon:

A/E Services: Portfolio-Wide Monument Sign Design



 Coming Soon:

Telford Drainage Repairs


Additional GDPM Procurement and Contracting Opportunities:

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      Upcoming Projects (2020) - Additional Details


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Contract Awards/Bid Tabulations:




2020 Contract Awards

Brandt Meadows Moving Services - March 26, 2020

Cornell Sewer Line Cleaning - March 3, 2020

Westdale AMP Concrete Repair and Replacement - March 2, 2020

DeSoto Bass Roof Reapir - March 2, 2020

Pest Control Services - Feb. 2020

LEP Translating and Interpreting Services Awards Bid Tabulation - February 11,2020

Grand Paver and Concrete Repair Replacement - January 8, 2020


2019 Contract Awards

A/E - Wolf Creek Siding and Porch Replacement - December 2, 2019

Redwood Roof Repair - November 6, 2019

Hallmark Meridian Roof Repair - November 6, 2019

A/E - Universal Design Standards Awarded October 25, 2019

Cityview Terrace Asphalt Project Bid Tabulation October 25, 2019

2729 Argella Driveway plus Parking Seal Stripe and Repair Bid Tabulation October 25, 2019

3918 Lori Sue Driveway and Apron Reaplcement Awared October 23, 2019

550. 551, 557 Corona, Kettering Basement Cosmetic Repiars Awarded October 23, 2019

5127 Yalecrest Storm Damage Repair Awarded October 15, 2019

Hallmark Flooring Replacement Awarded October 9, 2019

Grand Flooring Replacement Awarded October 9, 2019

Telford Shroyer Moving Services Contract Awarded October 7, 2019

40 & 42 Helena Roofing Awarded September 16, 2019

538 Telford Basement Cosmetic Repairs Awarded September 10, 2019

Minor Repair Work at Various Sites Awarded September 11, 2019

2019-2020 Appraisal Services Awarded August 26, 2019








Planning & Development Contract Forms:

GDPM General Terms & Conditions for Construction Services (that exceed $150K)

GDPM Small Construction Contract General Terms and Conditions

GDPM Professional Services General Terms and Conditions (up to $250K)updated November, 2019

GDPM Sample Small Construction Contract Quote Form

GDPM Sample Professional Services Request for Quote Form


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