Greater Dayton Premier Management provides decent, safe, affordable housing that goes well beyond bricks and mortar.

More importantly, GDPM provides housing stability to the individuals and families who rent from GDPM, have a voucher for housing assistance or participate in our homeownership program.

Housing stability is tied closely to personal and family stability. Because many of our clients – individuals and families, the elderly and persons with disabilities – used to be homeless or have endured personal tragedies, a stable home reduces their fear of homelessness. Housing stability gives peace of mind to the fast food worker, the parent going to night school or the convenience store clerk next door. Children living in stable homes can focus on what’s important: their educational, physical, social and emotional development.

Decent, safe, affordable housing benefits the entire community by stabilizing neighborhoods. Improvements in neighborhoods spur additional economic development.  economic development improves the quality of life for all of us.

In recent years, GDPM has reinvented itself. We have demolished outdated properties, acquired and rehabilitated existing properties and constructed new properties. We have boosted our performance standards, increased occupancy rates and delivered more supportive services to more people. We have strengthened partnerships with Montgomery County, the city of Dayton, municipalities, landlords, community organizations and suppliers. And we have taken bold steps to reach out, share ideas, change minds and erase old attitudes and stereotypes linked to public housing of the past.

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Jennifer Heapy

CEO, Greater Dayton Premier Management