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Asset Management/Eligibility

GDPM’s Eligibility Department processes applications for people who wish to live in GDPM’s asset management properties.  To be housed in this program, applicants follow a two-step application process.  Under the two-step application process, applicants complete an application so GDPM can make an initial assessment of the family’s eligibility and determine the family’s placement on the waiting list.  Once the family is selected from the waiting list, GDPM determines final eligibility. 

The Eligibility Department is responsible to ensure that applicants are provided information on asset management sites, and GDPM’s procedures and policies.  

Applicants are required to submit documents relating to initial application to the asset management program to the Eligibility department.  Documents include birth certifications, social security cards, driver’s license or state ID, prior landlords and DD214.


The Financial Management (FM) office provides full-service financial support for GDPM’s Central Office and major programs. Services include: Budget preparation and monitoring, Accounts payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Cash Management, Investments, and financial reporting. The FM staff also performs a variety of internal financial and compliance audits for the various programs and offices within GDPM.

The Information Technology (IT) staff is also a part of the FM office and provides hardware and software support, communications and server management, and help desk support to all Housing Authority offices.


The Procurement staff responsibilities under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer, include contract administration, procurement of goods and services, compliance with GDPM policies, HUD regulations, and applicable state and federal laws. 

Human Resources

The mission of Human Resources is two-fold.  We are dedicated to providing GDPM with well-qualified and dedicated staff capable of fulfilling the overall mission of the agency.  We believe that employees are our most important resource.  We are also dedicated to providing our employees with an environment that is safe, nurturing and recognizes their value and potential.  We encourage our employees to develop through training and individual acknowledgment of strengths and talents.


The role of the Legal Department is to provide legal services to GDPM, ensure compliance with state and federal laws, obtain legal professional services at the best available cost, oversee the management of outside counsel and evaluate threats or claims and assess any potential liability to GDPM.

Planning and Development

The Department of Planning & Development(P&D) administers several grant programs including the Capital Fund. The public housing capital fund was established under the Quality Housing & Work Responsibility Act of 1998 (QHWRA) which amended section 9 of the Housing Act of 1937. Capital Fund dollars are awarded annually to an authority to perform capital projects necessary to maintain the integrity of its rental inventory. "Capital needs" include comprehensive repairs, major replacements, system upgrades and other non-routine maintenance work. The projects are awarded through a competitive bid process with program and construction oversight provided by the Planning and Development staff. GDPM is awarded approximately $5 million annually through this program and $1.3 million in the Capital Fund Replacement Housing Factor Fund.

Other capital fund activities performed by Planning & Development include acquiring or developing additional housing units, formally requesting the demolition or disposition of obsolete rental units, and mixed finance development. These activities leverage capital fund dollars to promote the agency’s strategic plan of adding 1000 new affordable units to its rental inventory.

Additionally, the Planning & Development Department administers several competitive grant programs including a $40 million HOPE VI revitalization grant, $1.5 million in Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds, $3 million dollars in Neighborhood Stabilization Program-2 funds, and $9 million dollars in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dollars.



The Greater Dayton Premier Management has implemented several means with which to provide residents with additional security throughout the authority. The GDPM security department works closely with local law enforcement agencies. GDPM and the City of Dayton have entered into a contract that provides GDPM with 1 Sergeant and 2 Officers known as the GDPM/DPD Task Force. The unit provides proactive patrols at GDPM properties within the City of Dayton. The unit is also available to respond to various complaints of suspected criminal activity that is brought to the attention of the GDPM security department and subsequently forwarded to the Task Force.

Additionally a professional contract security company provides fixed post and courtesy patrols throughout various GDPM locations. Contract security also monitors the CCTV cameras for several hours each night that are located throughout the GDPM Hi-Rise Sites.

GDPM has also implemented a Security Tip Line. The tip line allows residents to call the Security Department 24/7 and provide details of suspected criminal activity anonymously. This number is 910-7620.

Security Tip Line: 910-7620

Housing Choice Voucher Staff
  • Elaine Letton, V.P. of Programs
  • Darryl Miles, HCV Sr. Manager
  • Monique Walker, HCV Team Leader
  • Debbie Crawford, HCV Specialist
  • Shirley Gilbert, HCV Coordinator
  • Takelia Day, HCV Admin
  • Betty Robinson, HCV Clerk
  • Dequita Simpson, HCV Rent Reasonablness Coordinator
  • Annie Roper, Housing Specialist
  • Deena Whiteside, HCV Specialist
  • Jekia Johnson, HCV Specialist
  • Bobbi Bailey, HCV Specialist
  • Danielle Stevens, HCV Specialist
  • Emily Jagodzinski, HCV Specialist
  • Krystak Lomax, HCV Specialist
  • Keyannia Flowers, HCV Specialist
  • Kelly Isaac, HCV Specialist
  • Tiffany Kuruzovich, HCV Specialist
  • Christa Lee, HCV Specialist
  • Tyrone Searcy, HCV Inspection Team Leader
  • Derrick Carter, HCV Inspector
  • Sean Goodro, HCV Inspector
  • Charles Stoll, HCV Inspector
  • Cliff Nelson, HCV Inspector
  • Mark Hickman, HCV Inspector
  • Davon Miller, FSS Supervisor
  • Talisha Elliott, FSS Coordinator