The Greater Dayton Premier Management has implemented several means with which to provide residents with additional security throughout the authority. The GDPM security department works closely with local law enforcement agencies. GDPM and the City of Dayton have entered into a contract that provides GDPM with 1 Sergeant and 2 Officers known as the GDPM/DPD Task Force. The unit provides proactive patrols at GDPM properties within the City of Dayton. The unit is also available to respond to various complaints of suspected criminal activity that is brought to the attention of the GDPM security department and subsequently forwarded to the Task Force.

Additionally a professional contract security company provides fixed post and courtesy patrols throughout various GDPM locations. Contract security also monitors the CCTV cameras for several hours each night that are located throughout the GDPM Hi-Rise Sites.

GDPM has also implemented a Security Tip Line. The tip line allows residents to call the Security Department 24/7 and provide details of suspected criminal activity anonymously. This number is 910-7620.

Security Tip Line: 910-7620