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Frequently Asked Questions




On June 28, 2016 Greater Dayton Premier Management (GDPM) and the City of Dayton announced that it received a $1.5 million HUD Choice Planning and Action Grant.  The purpose of the grant is to revitalize neighborhoods through the creation of a transformation plan which includes improvement to existing public housing. The Choice Neighborhoods program is managed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. (HUD).

What does the Choice Neighborhoods Grant Do?

The Choice Neighborhoods Grant helps transform struggling neighborhoods of concentrated poverty into sustainable communities with quality, affordable housing, safer streets, and improved access to jobs. The HUD program includes revitalization of public housing and preservation of affordable housing choices.

The former Edgewood Courts was transformed through a similar program called HOPE VI. Edgewood Courts was located along Salem Avenue and contained 213 units of outdated public housing. With community input, Edgewood Courts was transformed into what is now known as Salem Crossing. Salem Crossing contains 115 units of single family homes and affordable rental units for both families and seniors. Salem Crossing also contains a half-acre park that includes a walking trail.

How will the grant funds be used?

The grant funds will be used to create the transformation plan. The Choice Neighborhoods program requires that the entire community be involved in developing the plan. With our partner CityWide, community organizers will engage residents, local leaders, schools, business owners, churches, and nonprofits to develop strategies to address many of the challenges in the neighborhood. This information is critical to the development of a plan. The grant also provides funds for early action activities to improve the community such as removing blighted properties and improving green space and parks.

When does the process begin?

Community organizing work will begin in August to engage residents and area stakeholders to build a local team. The planning work will begin in October and is expected to take 18 months.

What area is included in the grant?

The Dayton Choice neighborhood area includes: DeSoto Bass Courts, Hilltop Homes and the surrounding neighborhoods of Edgemont, Miami Chapel, Lakeview, Madden Hills, and Pineview.

What makes this grant different from other grants received by the city?

The completion of a comprehensive, community-driven, transformation plan allows GDPM and the City of Dayton the opportunity to compete for a future Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant.

What is The Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant?

Once the planning process is over, GDPM can compete for a HUD Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant of up to $30 million. An implementation grant would allow us to implement all the strategies in our transformation plan and would attract other investors to our community.

How does The Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant impact my housing?

Your housing will not be impacted during the planning process. However, the plan will identify how your housing should be improved. Any and all potential rehabilitation, or new construction would require the necessary funding to move forward. Our intention is to submit the draft Neighborhood Transformation Plan to HUD in the spring on 2018 with the hope of applying for implementation funding later that year.

One of the most important parts of the planning process will be working with the community to create a shared vision for improving housing options for DeSoto Bass Courts and Hilltop Homes residents- and the community as a whole.  Improved housing could be accomplished through renovations to the existing buildings, or through the construction of new housing.

Will I have to move and will I receive a Section 8 Voucher right now?

No, the planning grant does not involve any public housing construction activities that will require residents to move. If funding is received for construction, it probably will not happen before 3 years. For questions regarding your public housing contact, Karla Knox, 937-225-7616.

What about the demolition at Hilltop Homes?

The demolition project currently happening at Hilltop Homes was planned by GDPM approximately 3 years ago, prior to the Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant application which was submitted in early 2016. The application for demolition was submitted to HUD on 12/30/14 and approved on 9/30/15. The Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant application required us to discuss all of the planned investment and improvements within the area, and how the planned investment could be coordinated for greater impact. However, the demolition project was independent of the Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant application and independent of the City of Dayton’s bike path and Mallory Park plans, as well as Mallory Park improvements.

What is mixed-income housing?

A mixed-income housing development includes diverse types of housing units for people with a range of income levels. The types of housing may include apartments and/or single-family homes.  Through the Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant process, mixed-income housing options will be explored using market data and community input as a guide. Mixed-income housing does not mean that all low-income housing will be eliminated and replaced with “market-rate” housing.

How can I get involved in the planning process?

Your voice is important to this effort. Please contact Amy Clanton, Community Development Specialist for CityWide at (937) 853-2537 to get involved.