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Family Self-Sufficiency

This program was established in November, 1994, to promote economic self-sufficiency among participating families. Families who are eligible to participate in the FSS program receive housing assistance through the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Project-Based Certificate Program or Family Unification Program. With their housing stabilized, the family can then invest their energy in other efforts - including employment, education and job training. If interested in the FSS program, the family is connected with the appropriate support services and resources in the community, which are needed to move the family toward economic self-sufficiency. The FSS program offers a financial incentive to families through the establishment of an escrow account that becomes available to the family upon achievement of certain interim goals or successful completion of their Contract of Participation.


FSS Information for Clients


FSS orientations are open to all GDPM residents and Housing Choice Voucher tenants. Contact Visa Lee at (937) 910-5413 for more information.