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Housing Choice Voucher

What is Housing Choice Voucher?

The Housing Assistance Payments Program, better known as Housing Choice Voucher Program, assist low income families in paying their rent for units they may otherwise be unable to afford. The family selects a unit of their choice. This unit must meet and pass our housing quality standards (HQS) to be eligible for the program. We current have a baseline of 3937. Under the Housing Choice Voucher Program once the family is determined eligible the family is issued a voucher to locate housing on the private market. There is no limit on what the owner can ask for rent as long as the rent is reasonable for the area. The unit must fall within the reasonable range by unit type, bedroom size, location, amenities, facilities and utilities provided. The Housing Choice Voucher Program will pay the Housing Voucher Subsidy this consist of payment standard minus 30% of the family's income. The family will pay any additional rent over the Housing Voucher Subsidy as long as it does not exceed more than 40% of their adjusted monthly income towards rent and utilities.


How do I apply?

A person may apply for the Housing Choice Voucher Program when the waitlist is open. Our waiting list has five preferences.

  1. Victims of Domestic Violence
  2. Veterans
  3. Elderly (62 or older)
  4. Disabled (Proof of disability may be required)
  5. Homeless (A Letter from a Gateway Shelter)

All families who do not fall into one of the preferences listed above are then placed on their waiting list by date and time. If applicant has changes in their status all changes must be completed in writing.


Download Housing Choice Voucher Forms:

2012 Utility Allowance Schedule

2013 Utility Allowance Schedule

2014 Utility Allowance Schedule

2015 Utility Allowance Schedule

2016 Utility Allowance Chart

2017 Utility Allowance Chart

2018 Utility Allowance Chart

2019 Utility Allowance Chart

Owner Change of Address

Direct Deposit Form

HQS Booklet Update

HQS Guide Checklist

GDPM's Admin Plan


Income Limits FY 2018

Household Size

Income no greater than

1 Person


2 Person


3 Person


4 Person


5 Person


6 Person


7 Person


8 Person



Bedroom Payment Standards Effective 1/2019


1   $599.00

2   $788.00

3   $1,053.00

4   $1,189.00

5   $1,367.00