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Owners' Portal

The Owners Portal is now in service. 

  • The Owners Portal is active again, follow the instructions below.
  • All passwords had to be reset to their default password.

Your username is your owner code and your default password is gdpm plus the last four digits of your social security number or the last four digits of your tax Id number.  Don't forget that there is a letter "o" before your owner code number. All letters are lowercase.

See Example Below
owner code: o01234
password:  gdpm6789
After you have logged in, if you wish to view your inspection reports, please hover over the Inspections button. This will cause two additional buttons to appear: One labeled 'Scheduled' and one labeled 'History'. Click on the button labeled 'History' to access your inspection reports.
You use the link below to access the Owners Portal.

Owners Portal