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GDPM has a broad depth of opportunities to work with us as a partner or employee.

If you are looking to be a potential vendor, responding to a Request For Proposal (RFP), Invitation For Bid (IFB) or Request for Quote (RFQ), the GDPM website includes all the information you need to submit the complete information necessary.

If you are looking for career opportunities, the website lists current openings, application forms and benefits information.


Greater Dayton Premier Management dba Dayton Metropolitan Housing Authority would like to invite you to our vendor outreach session to discuss opportunities on "How to Do Business with GDPM." Construction Contractors, Professional Service Providers, Suppliers and Material Vendors are welcome!

GDPM will cover the dynamics of GDPM's Section 3 Program, Event Location: Greater Dayton Premier Management, 400 Wayne Ave Dayton, Ohio 45410.

Please follow the link below to secure your seat at the event!

All participants are encouraged to submit W-9 forms, Section 3 Certifications and MBE/WBE certifications to procurement@gdpm prior to the event.