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Business Opportunities

GDPM is currently in the process of updating its vendor records. If you have not registered with GDPM as an official vendor, please do so prior to responding to any solicitations. Please follow the instructions below. 

Vendor Registration


  1. Click on the above underlined words and a fillable Word document will open in a new window.
  2. Save the document to your computer.
  3. Fill in each section (some sections have a drop-box, some have check boxes, others have boxes you can fill in.) Complete the form in its entirety.
  4. Re-Save the document to your computer. (Be sure to keep it in a Word format.)
  5. Then email the completed document to:

The Vendor Registration form is a fillable Word document. Information from this form is automatically imported into our Vendor Database.
Sending a completed registration in another format, faxing, or mailing in a hard copy will delay the processing of your registration, as it will have to be manually entered into our database.

If you do not have email, you may also mail or fax your completed registration form to:



Compliance Department
400 Wayne Avenue
P O Box 8750
Dayton, Ohio 45401-8750
Fax: (937) 910-7628


Your company's information will be entered into our vendor database within 30 days from the date we receive your properly completed Vendor Registration Form.

Vendors, suppliers, architectural/engineering firms and contractors are invited to propose on GDPM procurements. These opportunities include:

  • Construction
  • Equipment
  • Administrative services
  • Architectural/engineering services, and other
  • Goods and services 

Compliance Department

400 Wayne Avenue
PO Box 8750
Dayton, Ohio 45401-8750
Fax: (937) 910-7628 

(Email is the preferred method of Communication)

Xavier Gullatte

Compliance Manager


Contact for: 
Invitation for Bids (IFBs), Construction Contracts, Payments, Request for Proposals (RFPs), Service and Professional Contracts, Section 3, MBE/WBE/DBE
Todd Daniel
Acquisition Specialist
937 910-7657
Contact for:
Supplies and Materials