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Requests for Quotes (RFQs)

RFQ 17-02 After Hours Answering Service Re-Bid

RFQ 17-03 Heating System Repairs

RFQ 17-04 A-E Services for Select UFAS Upgrades

RFQ 17-05 A-E Services for Wolf Creek-Indian Trails UFAS Conversion

RFQ 17-06 Repair Damage at 518 Blanche

RFQ 17-07 Marketing for Choice and Jobs Plus

RFQ 17-08 Plumbing System Repairs

RFQ 17-09 Bathroom Rehab

RFQ 17-10 Building Concrete Repairs

RFQ 17-11 Rebid Kitchen Hood Supression System

RFQ 17-12 Porch Roof Repairs

RFQ 17-13 Roof Repairs

RFQ 17-14 Exterior Lighting Upgrades Re-Bid

RFQ 17-16 Interior Painting

RFQ 17-17 Floor Covering Installation

RFQ 17-18 12 Bragg Repair Mold and Leak, Kitchen and Drywall Repairs

RFQ 17-19 Park Manor Roof Multiple Replacements

RFQ 17-20 HVAC Systems Replacement

RFQ 17-21 Fire Damage Repair 1045 Danner Re-Bid

RFQ 17-22 Lawn Care For Various GDPM Sites

RFQ 17-23 Wilkinson Roof Repair Re-Bid

RFQ 17-24 Grand Roof Replacement

RFQ 17-25 Desoto Hilltop ESA Phase I

RFQ 17-26 Westdale HVAC

RFQ 17-27 Damage Repair 621 Dearborn

RFQ 17-28 Grand Boiler Repair Piping Re-Bid

RFQ 17-29 Title Services Re-Bid

RFQ 17-30 Brokerage Services

RFQ 17-31 Independent Audit and Tax Services

RFQ 17-33 904 Building Roof Repairs (Re-Bid)

RFQ 17-34 1794 Stewart Street Roof and Garage Repair

RFQ 17-35 Exhaust Flue Pipes at Hilltop Development

RFQ 17-36 UFAS Sight and Sound Improvements

RFQ 17-37 Wilkinson Hi-Rise Roof Repair Phase II

RFQ 17-38 Gutter, Downspout and Fascia

RFQ 17-39 Resident Screening

RFQ 17-40 A-E Services for Wolf Creek Roof Replacement

RFQ 17-41 Full Service HVAC Maintenance

RFQ 17-43 Fire Damage Repair 44 Windcliff

RFQ 17-44 Security Camera Upgrade Repair

RFQ 17-45 Reconstruct GDPM Website

RFQ 17-46 Smithville Kitchens and Baths

RFQ 18-01 Westdale Security Door Replacement

RFQ 18-02 Hi-Rise Fire Prevention Devices

RFQ 18-03 Damage Repair at 11 Benning

RFQ 18-04 Damage Repair at 1817 Winston Woods

RFQ 18-05 Copiers

RFQ 18-06 Parking Lot Resurfacing

RFQ 18-07 Storm Door Replacement

RFQ 18-08 UFAS Improvements Sight and Sound

RFQ 18-09 Window Replacement

RFQ 18-10 Lawn Care Various Sites

RFQ 18-11 Boiler Replacement

RFQ 18-13 Utility Allowance Study (Re-Bid)

RFQ 18-14 Security Camera Upgrades

RFQ 18-15 GDPM Central Office Roof Replacment

RFQ 18-16 24 Hour Answering Service

RFQ 18-17 Concrete Steps Replacement

RFQ 18-18 Manhole Replacement

RFQ 18-19 UFAS Modifications (Canceled)

RFQ 18-20 Boiler Replacement

RFQ 18-21 Flooring Installation

RFQ 18-22 Roof and Siding Repair

RFQ 18-26 Parking Lot Repairs

RFQ 18-27 Olive Hills Fire Damage Repair

RFQ 18-28 UFAS Modifications

RFQ 18-29 Remote Online Data Backup and Server Hosting

RFQ 18-33 Central Office Exterior Improvements

RFQ 19-01 Water Damage Repair at 904 Custer

RFQ 19-02 Yardi Consultant Services

RFQ 19-03 Answering Services

RFQ 19-04 1721 W Steward Water Damage Repair

RFQ 19-05 Central Office Wi-Fi Installation